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Ass Face Smothering

Caroline is back and her ass is looking even bigger and better than ever, maybe it has something to do with the leather outfit which she is wearing? When this guy was asked if he would like a piece of Carolines ass I am pretty sure face smothering wasn’t what he had in mind. If he wasn’t sure about it to start with the doubts were soon blown away and he never put up much of a fight as Caroline squatted over his body before smothering his face with her gargantuan curves.


 It might have been the blowjob he was promised should he perform well but I swear this guy never came up for air as he lapped away and serviced her ass. I guess he must have done more than a decent job in pleasing his mistress for the day as he not only received his bj, he was offered some wet and wanting pussy too!!

Sexy Large Latin Ass

I had the hots for a curvy round girl I had met at our place of work, she had long dark hair and the most amazing Latin booty you had ever seen. At work she always wore the tightest of pants and some of the shortest stretch skirts I had seen. I often wondered just how she had managed to get them on over those large curved hips and I imagined what it would be like to watch her dress in the morning and what type of panties she would be wearing.

Work was always boring and we often enjoyed a flirt with each other, then one day she came in to work and simply blew my mind away. If wearing a black see through lace top and showing plenty of her ample cleavage wasn’t enough to give you an instant erection then her fishnet stockings and short skirt only just covering that large Latin ass surely would.
The flirting that day was intense, I nearly had to visit the toilet for a little 5 finger shuffle at one stage, I swear I walked around with a boner the whole day.

As the end of our shift approached I almost felt sorry it was over, until I was asked if I could give my gorgeously hot colleague a lift home. It was a little out of the way but I didn’t care, my mind was on her sitting next to me on the journey to her home and how I would get to enjoy more eye candy time. I flipped her my keys and told her that she could wait in the car while I just check a few things off before I leave, that was the best thing I could have possibly done.

As I approached my car and looked through the window all I could see was this large Latin ass with big round bubble cheeks pointing right at me. I opened the door and immediately my nostrils filled with the smell of her excitement. Wearing no panties and just her fishnet stockings I could smell that her sweet pussy was in need of some serious attention.

With her skirt pulled up around her waist, I gently slid my hands over her large curves before sliding my finger down the crack of her tight ass. I did not care who might walk by the vehicle as it sat in the car park, my mind was now totally focussing in on having a good time. I cupped her pussy and gently rubbed my fingers into her mound, my thumb sitting pretty along the groove of her large ass. I could feel the wetness of her pussy coming through, I licked my fingers and the  taste of her juices exceeded my wildest imagination.

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Large Sexy Lesbian Ass

My girlfriend had always spoke about her attractive work colleague in a favorable manner, when she suggested that she might join us for dinner one evening I was okay about it, why wouldn’t I be? I had met the person once very briefly, a stunning looking girl with large breasts a very full round ass and beautiful long blonde hair. Despite her beauty she had recently been separated from her own partner, I didn’t ask why it was none of my business.

The night arrived and we made pleasant conversation over dinner during which I often found my eyes transfixed to the beautiful round figure that had joined us. Afterwards we sat in the lounge drinking wine and it wasn’t long before a few innuendos crept into the conversation, strangely enough several were made between the two women which left me feeling quite aroused.

My wife then posed the question about affairs, had I ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone else, of course I had but would I wasn’t going to admit it. I joked that I wouldn’t mind seeing my wife haing an affair with her colleague and before another word was uttered they moved towards each other and started kissing. At first I thought it was a prank to see my reaction, I remained quiet and watched as the kissing got deeper.

My wife looked at me and asked if I minded? “You carry on” I said smiling in an attempt to call their bluff and waiting for them to stop. Then I watched as they started to undress each other, I found myself kind of frozen and speechless as to what I was witnessing. I didn’t want them to stop, I was longing to see them both naked, my wifes own body was what you would describe as fit but her blonde colleagues was stunning and I so wanted to see her butt naked.

They both removed their panties and in an instant my wife was laying on her back asking her girlfriend to kiss her pussy like she had before, so this wasn’t the first time they had been together!! My wifes groans and the sight of her being licked out by this hot blonde had made my cock ache in pain as it was so hard and restrained tightly in my pants. I moved closer, catching a whiff of sexual scent from the rear of them was all too much, if my wife was going to allow this blonde to have sex with her I was going to have some as well.

Dropping my pants to the floor my cock shot out like a jack-in-the-box, I moved into position and gently pressed my cock against her round sexy ass. Okay these two were hard at it but I was unsure what response I would receive. I did not have to wonder for long as my wifes girlfriend pressed her lesbian ass back into my groin, my hard cock slipping neatly between the lips of her engorged pussy, I was in.

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Juicy Labia With Big Ass

Wow what more can I say about this large brown ass apart from look, stare and enjoy the sight of the juicy puffed up labia poking through those torn hot pants. You just know that ebony pussy is aching for your cock, why else would she have such a bulging labia if it wasn’t to pull your cock into that damp dark hole. This hotties pussy is ready for action, a whole host of action if you ask me and with a round brown ass like that offers are going to be thick and fast to service this one.

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Big Celebrity Ass

Which celebrity do you feel has the best looking butt? Which movie have you watched more than once because the female with 5 star cheek appeal has left you melted in your chair with eyes glued to that hot celebrity ass? I could list a page of my own celebs with ass appeal, J-Lo, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox all have derrieres that leave me wanting to see more.

Celebrity Ass is a fairly new site but it is free and it features the hottest celebrity asses imaginable, you can vote on your favorite celebs posterior or you can suggest some or one of your own.  Make sure you check out the very first post of the gorgeous Carmen Electra, not the largest or must curvy but it leaves you wanting to ‘go there’ and so far the best in my eyes. I would also like to thank the person who invented spandex as a fashion item, it sure is good for showing off those tight curves.

Holly’s Tight Squeeze

Holly wanted to show off this amazing amazing outfit which she had recently purchased. How she had managed to squeeze her large round ass into it I shall never know but she did look stunning, the pants accentuated her gorgeous beautiful derriere and her tits were equally bursting to get out.

After Holly had finished teasing with some awesome booty grinding moves it was time for real XXX Ass Action. Dropping to her knees Holly demonstrated her oral technique with a mind blowing and award winning blow job. I wanted to see more so we went inside where I got to see her ride the cock like no other.

This bitch sure did get a pussy pounding and her snatch must have been raw by the time she had finished, that will teach her to tease cock so much next time.

Monster Curves – Monster Ass

I love big round Monster Curves, I love a lot of things but if I had to pick just one site to wank over it would be Monster Curves by a mile. In this exclusive 35 minute scene Phoenix Marie teases her man as she shows off her charms, she seductively fingers her ass before having it moistened by her lovers tongue.

Then to top it all she takes her man in all three love holes, she sucks, fucks and takes his cock to new heights as her ass milks his sacks dry. Although Hollie had enjoyed anal before this was the first time she had allowed it to be filmed, you can watch Hollie getting her large white ass drilled exlusively at Monster Curves.

Big Sexy Indian Ass

Maybe this hot Indian beauty could pull those panties a little tighter so that we can admire the curves of that big sexy Indian ass. Better still why doesn’t she take them off and expose her lovely crack for us all to see? I can just imagine the feel of her soft Asian skin against my pelvis as I slip my cock between her hairy Indian pussy.

So what would you do if presented with her on all fours, drop to your knees and run your tongue down her cure crack or pull those bottoms to one side and slip your love pole into her wet twat?

Taste My Ass

Wow I just wish I was the blond sinking my tongue into her girlfriends ass, I bet she tastes so sweet. Have you ever licked a sexy tight female ass? I know the first instinct is to go straight for the pussy when you go down on a woman but what about a nice tight ass crack. You can just imagine the faint aroma of her pussy juice greeting your nostrils as you tease her anal crack with your tongue, licking away at her pleasure zone. You could always switch the attention to her pussy after a few minutes and see if she would be responsive to you slipping a finger into her ass.

Tiffany Brookes Ass

With an ass as hot and as gifted as the one dished out to Tiffany Brookes it is no wonder that every time she drops her panties to show it off she ends up with a bick thick cock piled into her pussy. It is also no surprise that guys who like to fuck Tiffany Brookes like to do so in doggie fashion from behind due to the serious eye candy appeal of her large round ass.

I don’t know, I think I might have to close my eyes or look away as I am sure I would be shooting my load in a matter of seconds if I watched those glowing firm butt cheeks gliding back and forth as my cock sank deeper into her stretched pussy. Maybe I would have to shoot my load and empty my sacks over those big cheeks and wait for a second helping

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Ass Licking Lesbians

I really enjoyed this site, it was quite different from many I had seen. Tushy Lickers features mainly girl on girl action featuring gorgeous women with large round asses who enjoy licking each others ass more than they do eating pussy. In this interracial ass licking scene it is the turn of the ebony woman to go on top and have her anus well and truly penetrated by the blonde girls tongue.

The material is very unique and the women look stunning as they probe each others butts with their soft tongues, if ass licking lesbians appeal to you make sure you take a look at this site, otherwise scroll on down to my next post!!

Ebony Glazzed Booty

When you are going to shake your big black booty in a guys face you had better be prepared to take the consequences just like this ebony hottie did. Enjoy watching this amazon babe getting that chocolate pussy pounded by her mans large cock. That deep black hole must have felt nice and warm and it was so tight her mans cock sure did hit the side sides all the way in. Click the image for the sample gallery and see how this scorching ebony assed was treated to a cream glazzing of warm sticky jizz. You could always jump to the hardcore downloads by clicking on the link below.

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Hot Perfect Ass

That is what I searched for (using image search) on my favorite search engine google – “hot perfect ass” and this is the image I found. Personally I don’t think it is a perfect ass (I agree it is quite hot) but the person it belongs to seems to think otherwise as that is the name she has given herself over at Im Live a live webcam porn site.

I was intrigued by some of the free profile pictures and a few had me looking deeper. My searching got me in the mood for some live booty shaking. Im Live wouldn’t allow me to search the members images until I had selected a user name and password, although it said free I was waiting for the credit card screen to appear and it was a pleasant surprise when it never arrived so I had quite a lot of dirty fun chatting to the ladies and looking at their galleries.

Then I hit the jackpot, the image above is the one that grabbed my attention. This fit looking ass belongs to a lady who goes by the name of ArvenBeauty and if you wish to feast your hungry eyes over the rest of her gallery you might agree that she has a near perfect ass but maybe not the most interesting.

No the most interesting lady might be the one I am waiting to hear back from. It was an ebony lady whom I am waiting to speak to, she was offline when I found her. When I tell you that her username is Ass Squirter you will understand why I am curious to have a chat with her and maybe even watch her in action!!

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Big Ass Pussy Showing

Mmmm I am licking my lips looking at this hot well oiled ass and the way those swollen pussy lips are screaming out to be parted by a chunky thick cock. You just know with all that oil trickling down over that large white booty some of it is going to be making it’s way into the soft folds of her already wet pussy making it even more lubed.

You know that all you need to do is line your cock up within 2 inches of the love hole and one thrust forward will be all that it takes and your hungry man meat is going to glide its way deep into her hot cunt. Those swollen lips are going to suck on your cock each time you pull it back and with each thrust forward they will engulf themselves around your shaft making it a perfect and sensual fit.

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